Be Original With Temporary Tattoos

Art of tattoos has been known to the humanity since the beginning of the world. At some point tattoos were showing social status, sometimes they would say of the crimes the person had committed. Sailors made tattoos of the stars to lead them to the destination point; soldiers would tattoo the images of their beloved to have them next to the heart all the time.

Nowadays we have some controversial opinions about having tattoos. Most of them do have artificial meaning to their owners, and it’s one of the ways to express their feelings. Though people believe tattoos are not just beautiful drawings on your skin, they can influence your life; bring you fortune or misfortune, not even mentioning the fact that a tattoo of your ex-girlfriend can ruin your further relationship with other women. Arabs were the first ones to come out with the way to solve those problems – they would just make temporary tattoos using henna instead of ink. Temporary tattoos would wash away with time, and you could have different design every week. Henna temporary tattoos were also connected with some ancient rituals.

Today rituals may be forgotten, but the idea of temporary tattoos is still alive and is very popular. It all started with some enterprising artists who would sit on the beach at popular resort towns and offer to make you temporary tattoos for a day or for a week. There were a lot of people among tourists who had to follow office dress code and corporate rules in their everyday life, so they liked idea to have temporary tattoos and feel like free spirits at least during their earned vacation. Soon temporary tattoos beach huts became an essential parts of every beach resort.

Temporary tattoos didn’t stop just at the beach area, the idea went further when it became obvious tattoos you’ve made being at high school are not really very good for your job interviews or opened dresses at formal parties. There is also a possibility that after you get a tattoo and have it for a bit it will stop being a good idea, or you will come up with another design idea. That’s when temporary tattoos can save your skin from painful laser removal procedures. It is better to have temporary tattoos for a month or couple of years that having permanent scars for the rest of your life. Besides, temporary tattoos can express your ideas and feelings as good as permanent. You can always get permanent ink when you decide it’s time to make your temporary tattoos part of your image.